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What You Need to Know About the Recent 9/11 VCF Registration Deadline

August, 2021

As the July 29 deadline to register with the Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) has passed, there may still be some confusion as to what to do if you missed it and how this may affect you in the event you need to file a future claim.

This month, Pitta & Baione LLP sorts it all out for you so that you will have a clear understanding of where you stand in the process.

Who should have registered for the VCF deadline?

Only certain individuals needed to register by July 29. Many people who were affected by the aftermath of 9/11 were not subject to this deadline. The registration deadline was not the same for everyone and varied based on individual circumstances and claim type.

Can I still register if I missed the VCF deadline date?

Yes. That’s because your deadline to register is based on the latest date on which the WTC Health Program notifies you that your physical health condition is related to 9/11. You then have two years from that date to register with the VCF. In the event you are registering for someone who has died of a 9/11-related condition after July 29, 2019, you must register within two years of his or her date of death in order for the registration to be considered timely.

Should I Register Now?

Yes. The VCF encourages early registration for all potential claimants, even if you are not sick or certified by the WTC Health Program. Early registration allows for your claim to be processed as quickly as possible. If you need help getting registered, just contact us at Pitta & Baione LLP and we can assist you in the registration process.

Once I have registered, what is the deadline to file my claim?

As stated above, while registration deadlines were different for some—depending on their individual circumstances—the deadline to file a claim remains the same. Your claim must be filed by October 1, 2090

Once you have registered with the VCF, you should file your claim only after you have been certified by the WTC Health Program for a 9/11-related physical health condition. This could happen any time between now and when the WTC Health Program closes on October 1, 2090. The VCF encourages you to file your claim after you have been certified and the full scope of your losses are known so that your claim can be reviewed as quickly as possible to evaluate your eligibility for compensation. If you file your claim without first being certified, the VCF will place your claim in “Inactive” status and it will remain in that status and not be reviewed until you submit your certification letter.

The VCF encourages you to file your claim as soon as the full scope of your claimed losses are known, but it must be no later than October 1, 2090.

How do I know if I am registered with the VCF and have met my registration deadline?

If you are not sure whether you are registered with the VCF, or if you have questions related to registration deadlines, contact Pitta & Baione LLP for assistance and a FREE case review.

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