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Individuals who were present south of Houston Street in Lower Manhattan between September 11, 2001 and July 31, 2002 may be eligible for free healthcare and compensation. Families of deceased individuals may be entitled to compensation as well. The federal government recently provided fully funded compensation and extended the deadline through 2090, but other critical deadlines may apply. However, all who were present in Lower Manhattan between 9/11/01 and 7/31/02 should act fast to determine whether they may be eligible for compensation. Awards will continue to be paid on a first-come first-serve basis.


Caused by 911, common conditions include respiratory illness, lung disease, and cancer.Pitta & Baione LLP will represent anyone who was exposed to toxins after the 9/11 attacks- whether or not they are suffering from a condition- to protect their future rights. If you have suffered from a condition, find out if you are eligible for compensation.

因9/11事件引起的毒素暴露導致的常見疾病包括呼吸道疾病,肺部疾病和癌症。對於所有曾經出現在曼哈頓下城和唐人街社區等暴露區域的民眾,無論身體是否有病症,我們律所都會給予辦理申請, 以確保每位民眾能夠獲得法律規定的所有保障。免費為您評估是否有資格獲得賠償。

The time is now to find out if you, a loved one, or a deceased loved one may be eligible. VCF and World Trade Center Health Program are not related to medicaid and private health insurance, both do not require proof of citizenship or income check. Pitta & Baione LLP will provide a free consultation to those who are concerned about how the compensation may impact other government benefits.


We are well aware of the unique challenges faced by our clients and we are committed to serving New York City’s 9/11 community.


Pitta & Baione LLP recently received reports that other law firms provided information about government benefits that may have confused some potential claimants. We are hoping to correct any misunderstandings. The Firm also recently received reports regarding confusion surrounding fee structure for 9/11 victim compensation claims: Pitta & Baione LLP only gets paid if and when a client receives compensation, the 10% fee is paid from the compensation award not from the client, and consultations are free.

我們律所最近聽到民眾的反映,其他律師事務所提供了一些讓他們感到困惑的有關政府福利的信息,而這些信息可能會對9/11賠償金造成誤解。我們希望能糾正這些誤解。 律所最近還收到了有關9/11受害人申請賠償費用結構混亂的報告,我們在這裡說明: 只有當客戶獲得賠償時,必達.白安9/ 11律師事務所才會收取律師費,而這10%的費用將從賠償金扣除,而不是客戶支付,並且諮詢是免費的。


Our Firm  我們律所

Pitta & Baione LLP has offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Over the years, we have recovered more than $100 million in compensation for 9/11 victims exposed to dust, debris and toxins. In addition to representing our individual clients, our attorneys have fought on behalf of the entire 9/11 community in passing the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010, its reuthoriation in 2015, and its permanent authorization in 2019 – the Never Forget the Heroes: James Zadroga, Ray Pfeifer, and Luis Alvarez Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act. 

Our lawyers are tireless advocates on behalf of our client. Our lawyers have more than a century of experience in legal and government experience. 

必達.白安 律師事務所 在曼哈頓,布魯克林,和史丹頓島都設有辦公室。我們的律師向國會爭取並通過了<<9/11 健康與賠償法案>>。多年來為暴露於因9/11事件引起的灰塵,碎片和毒素環境內的受害者爭取了超過一億美元的賠償基金。


You may not realize that you are entitled to healthcare and compensation. It would be our honor to represent you, and to ensure that you and your family have all the legal benefits available to you. We now accept clients who were exposed to 9/11 toxins in Lower Manhattan, South of Houston Street, including the Chinatown community, but do not suffer from symptoms or conditions. We will gather their proof and preserve any potential future claims to the VCF.

您可能是成千上萬人中,有權獲得醫療保健和賠償金的一員,而您從未獲知您的資格。我們很榮幸可以代表您,以確保您和您的家人能夠獲得法律規定的所有保障。我們現在給予所有曾經暴露於9/11毒素環境中(曼哈頓下城和唐人街社區等暴露區域)但尚未發現有具體症狀或病症的民眾辦理申請。我們將預先為他們整理文件資料,用作未來可能需要對9/ 11 VCF受害者賠償基金的索賠申請。


Major Representation  主要法務

After 9/11, exposed to air pollution, As people breathe, they inhale asbestos, Cement, mercury, glass and lead, etc. Chemical toxin

9/11事件后, 暴露在空气污染的环境内,人们呼吸时,吸入了石棉,水泥,汞,玻璃和鉛,等等化学毒素

The most common 9/11 lung diseases, respiratory diseases:

medical professional examining x-ray of lungs最常見的9/11肺病,呼吸系統疾病:

  1. Asthma 哮喘
  2. Chronic sinusitis 慢性鼻竇炎
  3. Gastroesophageal reflux disease 胃食管反流病
  4. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 慢性阻塞性肺病
  5. Sleep apnea 睡眠呼吸暫停
  6. Chronic respiratory diseases 慢性呼吸系統疾病

The most common 9/11 cancers:


  1. Skin pigmentosa 皮膚色素
  2. Prostate 前列腺
  3. Lymphoma 淋巴
  4. Thyroid 甲狀腺
  5. Lung / Bronchi 肺/支氣管
  6. Breast 乳房
  7. Leukemia 白血病
  8. Colon / rectum / stomach 結腸/直腸/胃
  9. Kidney / bladder 腎/膀胱
  10. Myeloma 骨髓
  11. Esophagus / throat 食管/咽喉
  12. Tonsil 扁桃體

The bill establishes two federal projects:

<<9/11 健康與賠償法案>>建立了兩個聯邦項目:

9月11日受害者賠償基金 (September 11th Victim Compensation Fund 即 9/11 VCF)

VCF exposed area, south of Canal Street 

VCF exposed area, south of Canal Street 

 VCF 暴露區,即 堅尼路 (Canal Street) 以南的地區

  • VCF provides financial compensation to people who have been confirmed by WTCHP to have 9 / 11-related diseases.
  • VCF提供經濟補償給已經被WTCHP確認患有與9/11相關疾病的人。
  • VCF economic compensation: suffering from physical pain / pain, loss of work income / welfare and medical expenses in the past.
  • VCF經濟補償:遭受身體疼痛/痛苦,工作收入/福利損失以及過去自費的醫療費用。
  • Almost all respiratory diseases and cancers are included, but mental illnesses are not included.
  • 幾乎包括所有呼吸系統疾病和癌症,但不包括心理疾病。

世界貿易中心健康計劃 (World Trade Center Health Program 即 WTCHP)

WTCHP exposed area, south of Houston Street

WTCHP exposed area, south of Houston Street

WTCHP 暴露區,即休斯頓街 (Houston Street)以南的地區

  • WTCHP provides physical examination for everyone in the exposed area and provides free medical treatment to those who are confirmed to have 9 / 11-related diseases.
  • WTCHP 為暴露區內的所有人提供身體檢查,並為那些被確認患有與9/11相關疾病的人提供免費醫療。
  • WTCHP has locations throughout the United States to provide free medical monitoring, treatment, and dispensing of medicines to qualified individuals.
  • WTCHP 在美國境內各地均有地點為合資格的人士提供免費醫療監護,治療和配藥。
  • Including cancer, some mental diseases, and almost all respiratory diseases.
  • 包括癌症,部分心理疾病,以及幾乎所有的呼吸系統疾病。

In general, applicants must appear in the exposed area from 9/11/01 to 7/31/02, including Lower Manhattan south of Houston Street, the entire Chinatown community, within a 1.5 mile distance from the World Trade Center (WTC) to Brooklyn Areas, garbage collection sites / sanitation bureau garages, medical facilities, or anywhere else along the debris removal route.


VCF and WTCHP are fully funded until 2090; the key is: compensation is paid on a first-come-first-served basis!

VCF和 WTCHP全額資助至2090年; 關鍵是: 賠償金以先到先得的方式發放!


The Firm  專家

Senior Advisors  高級顧問

薩爾瓦多·卡薩諾 (Salvatore Cassano)

Mr. Cassano is the former Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department. Mr. Cassano was appointed Chief of Operations immediately after 9/11/01.


詹姆斯·莫利納羅 (James Molinaro)

Mr. Molinaro is the former three-term Borough President of Staten Island and served in government for over 40 years.


Attorneys  法學博士


白安凱 (Christopher Baione, Esq.) 律師合夥人

白安馬 (Matthew Baione, Esq.) 律師合夥人

Senior Associate 

鄺艷蓮 (Yan Lian Kuang-Maoga, Esq.) 資深律師

Attorney Yan Lian Kuang-Maoga (Esq.) has ten years of experience in handling Chinese seniors/senior legal affairs, probate and property planning in New York City. Attorney Kwong provides free consultation to clients on how to protect their existing government benefits after receiving compensation, and represents the family of the deceased victims who are eligible for 9/11 compensation to further improve the 9/11 claims legal affairs of the law firm.

鄺艷蓮律師(Yan Lian Kuang-Maoga, Esq.)有十年在紐約市處理華人老年人法/長者法務,遺囑認證和財產規劃等法務領域的經驗。鄺律師向獲得賠償金後如何保護其現有政府福利的客戶提供免費諮詢,並代表有資格獲得9/11賠償金的已故受害者的家人,進一步完善律所的9/11理賠法務。  

Lian speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and Taishanese. In addition, Lian has been named a Super Lawyer Rising Star in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019and profiled in the Top Women Attorneys in New York supplement of the New York Times.

鄺律師會講粵語,普通話和台山話, 鄺律師還於2014年,2015年,2016年,2017年,2018年和2019年被評為紐約市大都會榮譽超級律師新星,並在《紐約時報》紐約增刊中評選為高級女律師。


沃佩薇 (Victoria Volpe, Esq.) 律師

Managers  法務經理

Senior Claim Manager 

羅亦純 (Yichun Luo, MPA) 資深理賠經理


在學術期間,羅亦純曾經在下東城高雲尼醫院為社區民眾提供志願服務,她協助長者參加日常的健康活動,並協助市長辦公室一起準備“ 紀念亞洲太平洋文化”的慶祝活動。



Claim Manager 

李嘉敏 (Jiamin Li, BA) 理賠經理

Paralegals  律師助理

任麗璇 (Lixuan Ren, BA) 法務助理

蕭宛萍 (Yuanping Xiao, BA) 法務助理

黃燕芳 (Yanfang Huang, BA) 法務助理



財務規劃 (Estate Planning)

遺產認證 (Probate/Administration)


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